Materia Degenere 3

March 2023
168 color pages
paperback with flaps
Publisher: Diabolo Editions
Authors: Giulia Ratti, Margherita Morotti, Maria Giulia Chistolini, Giorgia Rachel Donnan, Claudia Bumbica.

Materia Degenere is a biennial anthological project in which the aesthetics and narrative of a comic author is made available to five young female authors, each of whom will write and draw a thirty-page story, freely inspired by it.

My story, "Ultrafragola", opens the third volume: the narration is a sci-fi hentai set in present-day Milan, in which the protagonist Rocco lives a sensual and spiritual love with a famous 70’s design mirror, which seems to have more soul than the people who are reflected in it.