Something about it

242x170 cm
digital print on satin,
plexiglass pole and metal support structures, nail polish finishings

Something About it for me is a riddle and a mantra, a manifesto and at the same time the expression of a desire.

I have conceived the background shapes, which are a hybrid between figuration and abstraction, following a formal research on japanese animation and more specifically around the shape shifting phenomenon and the representation of evil and of tears.

Every person is with it.

Do all the people have the same needs?

It can embody their dreams.

It can not deceive anyone,
but anyone could deceive themselves with it.

It is not a person
so it can become a person's dream.

It could take a person's place, but it will never become a person.

This is something I know very well. I know because I am me.

(text printed on the fabric)