digital covers

Since 2023

Cover design of e-books and audiobooks for the Italian and Dutch markets.
My covers have been published on major platforms such as Storytel and Audible.
Based on the client's request, I chose or created fonts, used images downloaded from Shutterstock, generated with Midjourney or created original illustrations.

2.podcast illustrations


10 illustrations for the second season of The Oxford Research Centre in The Humanities’ podcast “This thing we call art” (one for each episode).
Kelly Lloyd interviews people in the arts about their livelihoods since 2017.

the workshops

3.ultracelestia project

Since 2021 

Collab: Gregorio Poggetti (graphic designer)

Started as a A5 Format super cool fanzine, Ultracelestia soon became a collaborative and experimental project.
Each copy of Ultracelestia fanzine is unique, packaged in a special envelope, hand binded with a fragment of an original manga page. Every release has its own envelope and a set of stickers. 

UltraCelestia’s narration is a combination of illustrations, visual references and feelings heavily influenced by Japanese sci-fi and cyberpunk mangas and animes, where energy and emotions often have a physical form.

In 2023 Ultracelestia project became a workshop
  • Ultraexpress 23.09.2023 at MAO Museum of Oriental Art in Turin
After a brief introduction to the world of fanzines full of visual examples, participants explore the Museum in search of inspiration for the production of their own content. Every creative form is welcome, from traditional painting to AI generators. The images and texts produced will be digitally laid out, printed and bound. 
At the end of the day each participant takes home their customized copy of UltraExpress Fanzine in A5 format.
We offer workshops in italian and english, designed for different targets and situations (festival, institutions, schools, etc...). 

Feel free to contact us if you need a workshop on an on-demand basis. We can also put together tailor-made workshops if you have special wishes.  

4. basics of comic writing

Since 2021 

This 12 hours course provides the basic tools to build a visual storytelling in an autonomous and conscious way. 

What you will learn: 
  • Visual grammar (drawing, dialogues and rhythm) 
  • Various methods for building a narrative 
  • Basics of character design  
  • Basics of world building 
  • How to create a comic for the web 
  • How to print a small publication on paper

  • Drawing supports (sheets, notepads, etc ...) 
  • Drawing materials (pencils, pens, markers, erasers, etc ...) 
  • Any digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc ...) and graphic pencils 
  • Comic books, books, fanzines 
  • Blackboard, digital or analog 
  • A list of links, various series of images and bibliography

12h program:
  • LESSON 1 - What is a comic? Definitions and grammar of language
  • LESSON 2 - Focus on Character design 
  • LESSON 3 - Focus on literary genres and world building 
  • LESSON 4  - Time and rhythm of the narration 
  • LESSON 5 - Workshop: Webcomic 
  • LESSON 6 - Workshop: Fanzine printing (independent self-produced publication)

Who is this course for:
  • Young Adults
  • Art and Comics enthusiasts
  • Creative professionals looking for inspiration
  • Interdisciplinary art enthusiasts 
  • Artistic people and art industry workers
  • Creative writing artist
  • Art students 

I offer courses in Italian and english, designed for different targets and situations (festival, institutions, schools, etc...). 

Feel free to contact me if you need a workshop on an on-demand basis. I can also put together tailor-made workshops if you have special wishes.

in print

5. zima blue

Will be published in spring 2024

I designed 12 original illustrations for the short story “Zima blue”.

Known to the general public thanks to the animation series Love Deaths and Robots, “Zima blue” is the first collection of short works by Alastair Reynolds. In a futuristic future, after a hundred years of silence, the greatest artist of contemporary art, invites a journalist to tell her the story of his life before performing his last masterpiece.

6. materia degenere 3

Published in March 2023

“Materia Degenere” is a biennial anthological publication by Diabolo Editions, in which 5 young female Italian authors write and draw a thirty-page story freely inspired by the same author.

My story, "Ultrafragola", opens the third volume: the narration is a sci-fi hentai set in present-day Milan, in which the protagonist Rocco lives a sensual and spiritual love with a famous 70’s design mirror, which seems to have more soul than the humans reflected in it.

7. lo specchio del mondo

Published in January 2023

Double page comic for Domani Editoriale (Italian national daily newspaper)

In “Lo specchio del mondo” is a story set in 2023, in which the female protagonist lives the arrival of the aliens emotionless: the only imperative is production and she can’t do anything but follow.


8. fantasmes


4 page erotic narration of a tinder date published on Frankenstein magazine #3.

9. italian cluster


Collab: Giulia Floris (curator)

Research that surveys and analyzes the project spaces that work in the field of contemporary art in Italy.

I ran the research, the interviews and the surveys, and at the same time I designed the layout of the book and drawn the infographics.

art illustration

10. impetuous exhibition

June- September 2023

Four-month exhibition at the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin (MAO) with an environmental installation made up of 10 paper banners with a total length of 28 meters hanging from the ceiling. The work is a tribute to the manga/anime characters that have shaped my aesthetics and art practice.

11. spin me round

June 2020

Collab: t-space studio Milan (Photo studio)

“Spin me round” is a digital exhibition of 360° panorama photos shot by t-space studio in collaboration with 5 artists.

My photo was taken in the only park I was allowed to go to during the 2020 lockdown, I am the only human there and above me I drew a demon whose wing was torn off.

12. curatorial practice

I’m the founder of /77, an artist-run space based in Milan, active from 2015 to 2018, successfully curating a series of exhibitions and events across Milan, London, and Lugano. 

/77 was the Italian reference point for artists who, once they graduated from art school, wanted to create bold, anti-commercial or controversial works of art. 
/77 shaped the aesthetics and mindset of a generation, promoting art projects that were too risky or innovative for galleries or museums.

Michele Gabriele, The missing link @ Fondazione Pini, Milan, 2016
Lorenzo Bellini & Roberto Carovilla, Take Me Into The Dungeon @/77 Artist Run Space, Milan, 2016

Lucia Leuci, Materia Prima @ Fondazione Pini, Milan, 2017