the workshops

4. basics of comic writing

Since 2021 

This 12 hours course provides the basic tools to build a visual storytelling in an autonomous and conscious way. 

What you will learn: 
  • Visual grammar (drawing, dialogues and rhythm) 
  • Various methods for building a narrative 
  • Basics of character design  
  • Basics of world building 
  • How to create a comic for the web 
  • How to print a small publication on paper

  • Drawing supports (sheets, notepads, etc ...) 
  • Drawing materials (pencils, pens, markers, erasers, etc ...) 
  • Any digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc ...) and graphic pencils 
  • Comic books, books, fanzines 
  • Blackboard, digital or analog 
  • A list of links, various series of images and bibliography

12h program:
  • LESSON 1 - What is a comic? Definitions and grammar of language
  • LESSON 2 - Focus on Character design 
  • LESSON 3 - Focus on literary genres and world building 
  • LESSON 4  - Time and rhythm of the narration 
  • LESSON 5 - Workshop: Webcomic 
  • LESSON 6 - Workshop: Fanzine printing (independent self-produced publication)

Who is this course for:
  • Young Adults
  • Art and Comics enthusiasts
  • Creative professionals looking for inspiration
  • Interdisciplinary art enthusiasts 
  • Artistic people and art industry workers
  • Creative writing artist
  • Art students 

I offer courses in Italian and english, designed for different targets and situations (festival, institutions, schools, etc...). 

Feel free to contact me if you need a workshop on an on-demand basis. I can also put together tailor-made workshops if you have special wishes.