the workshops

3.ultracelestia project

Since 2021 

Collab: Gregorio Poggetti (graphic designer)

Started as a A5 Format super cool fanzine, Ultracelestia soon became a collaborative and experimental project.
Each copy of Ultracelestia fanzine is unique, packaged in a special envelope, hand binded with a fragment of an original manga page. Every release has its own envelope and a set of stickers. 

UltraCelestia’s narration is a combination of illustrations, visual references and feelings heavily influenced by Japanese sci-fi and cyberpunk mangas and animes, where energy and emotions often have a physical form.

In 2023 Ultracelestia project became a workshop
  • Ultraexpress 23.09.2023 at MAO Museum of Oriental Art in Turin
After a brief introduction to the world of fanzines full of visual examples, participants explore the Museum in search of inspiration for the production of their own content. Every creative form is welcome, from traditional painting to AI generators. The images and texts produced will be digitally laid out, printed and bound. 
At the end of the day each participant takes home their customized copy of UltraExpress Fanzine in A5 format.
We offer workshops in italian and english, designed for different targets and situations (festival, institutions, schools, etc...). 

Feel free to contact us if you need a workshop on an on-demand basis. We can also put together tailor-made workshops if you have special wishes.